15 Mar 2016

ColourLex - a colorful website!

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Submitted by Vanessa McCaffrey, Albion College

ColourLex (colourlex.com) is an amazing website that mixes chemistry and art. The creators of this website have extensively catalogued paintings and the pigments that were used to create them. The pigments range from artificial to natural and organic to inorganic. You can search for the specific combination that you want to see.

Learning Goals: 

There could be a variety of ways that this website could be used. The learning goals would depend on what it was being used for.


Implementation Notes: 

I generally use this website as a way to find real examples of solid-state inorganic compounds to show in classes or use on exams.

Evaluation Methods: 


Evaluation Results: 

Students seem to like the examples that this website has.

Creative Commons License: 
Creative Commons Licence


This is a fantastic website which I was not aware of. Thanks!

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