31 Jan 2019

5-ish Slides About Bridging Hydrides and the [Cr(CO)5HCr(CO)5] anion

Five Slides About

Submitted by Kyle Grice, DePaul University

This set of slides was made for my Organometallics class based on questions about bridging hydrides and specifically the chromium molecule. I decided to make these slides to answer the questions, and do a DFT calc to show the MO's involved in bonding of the hydride. 


Learning Goals: 

A student will be able to explain bridging hydride bonding

A student will be able to perform electron counting on a chromium comples with a bridging hydride

A student will be able to interepret calculated DFT molecular orbitals. 

Time Required: 
15 min
Evaluation Methods: 

This was provided as supplementary material outside of lecture. 

Creative Commons License: 
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