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The LO focuses upon classic articles describing the synthesis and characterization of the first "texaphyrin" compounds.

This LO is part of a special VIPEr collection honoring the 2021 ACS National Award recipients in the field of inorganic chemistry. Jonathan L. Sessler was the recipient of the Ronald Breslow Award for Achievement in Biomimetic Chemistry for the discovery of expanded porphyrins, molecular recognition via base-pairing, pyrrole-based anion binding, and demonstrating the power of this biomimetic chemistry in drug discovery.

Learning Goals

By completing this literature discussion LO, students will be able to...

1) compare and contrast the structure of the texaphyrin ligand to that of traditional porphyrins

2) write a chemical reaction for a synthetic step based upon a written description in the main body of a journal article

3) apply the covalent bond classification (CBC) method to categorizing a texaphyrin metal complex

4) sketch the d orbital splitting diagram for a texaphyrin metal complex

5) apply the criteria for aromaticity to the structure of a texaphyrin metal complex


Implementation Notes

This LO has yet to be implemented with students. As with many literature discussion LOs, this one is suitable as an activity outside the classroom or as an in-class activity with small groups. Although the LO utilizes two different journal articles, the articles complement each other and neither one is a lengthy read. Note that the last question on the LO asks students to access a more recent JACS article (listed in the web resources).


Time Required
variable, depends upon implementation. If students read the article and look at the questions before class, the discussion/group work could fit into a 45-60 minute class period.
Evaluation Methods

Student work may be evaluated through collection of individual and/or group responses as well as through participation in group discussions.

Evaluation Results

This LO has not yet been implemented with students. Evaluation results will be added at a later time.

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