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This literature discussion will guide students through an article that applies spectroscopic, structural, and computational analyses to a family of compounds of the type [Re(CO)3(dippM)Br]n+  (dippM = 1,1’-bis(diisopropyl)phosphino metallocene, M = Fe, n= 0 or 1; M = Co, n = 1).

This LO is part of a special VIPEr collection honoring the 2022 ACS National Award recipients in the field of inorganic chemistry. Chip Nataro was the recipient of the ACS Award for Research at an Undergraduate Institution for outstanding achievements in the study of bis(phosphino)metallocene compounds accomplished with undergraduate researchers and for his dedication to mentoring students and faculty

Learning Goals

Through completing this literature discussion, students will be able to consider the complexes described in the article and...

1) Determine the electron count of the title compounds using ionic and/or covalent bond classification methods.

2) Analyze spectroscopic techniques applied to studying the backbonding present 

3) Apply molecular orbital theory to describing their electronic structure 

4) Describe Mossbauer spectroscopy and interpret the results of this technique

5) Discuss the magnetism of a subset of the complexes

6) Describe the computational techniques applied

7) Analyze and explain the reasons that the author cited certain references

8) Use a database to gather information about the corresponding author's scholarly history.

Implementation Notes

There are many options for implementing this literature discussion. Instructors could provide the article and questions in advance and have the students discuss in small groups during class. Alternatively students could read the article before class and complete the questions during class. 

Time Required
30-50 minutes (depends upon implementation)
Evaluation Methods

Instructions could collect individual and/or group student responses to the questions for evaluation. 

Evaluation Results

This literature discussion has yet to be implemented.

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