8 Mar 2009

Interactive Spreadsheets for Inorganic Chemistry

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Submitted by Lori Watson, Earlham College

This web site contains a number of interactive spreadsheets, most of which are applicable to inorganic chemistry (or a physical chemistry class that uses inorganic examples).  Here's the list of the most relevant for most inorganic classes:


ABC kinetics - interactively plot concentration versus reaction extent for A, B and C in A -> B -> C by varying k values

angular overlap model - explore the angular overlap model for d-orbital splitting in complexes by designing various geometries of complexes and varying the parameters es and ep

complexation of silver ion - explore the concentration of various silver species in ammonia as a function of ammonia concentration - can be generalized by varying the Ksp and formation constants interactively

general complexation - explore the distribution of complex species as a function of the concentration of ligand X for MXn with n = 1 - 6 by varying the formation constants

reducing irreducible representations - interactive spreadsheet for reducing reducible representations of 12 common point groups

reversible kinetics - explore concentrations of A and B for A <=> B as a function of time by varying k values - also shows the reaction quotient, Q, and the ratio of Q/K

Learning Goals: 

Depends on which spreadsheet you're using!  

Implementation Notes: 

Some of these spreadsheets require Visual Basic which is apparently not supported on Excel 2008 for Mac.  You can use all PC versions of Microsoft Office, however, and may be able to use other products to convert to a Mac-readable format.

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