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For our virtual offering of inorganic chemistry laboratory at Harvey Mudd College in Spring 2021, I made some videos and collected some high quality data (IR, 1H NMR, MS, UV-Vis, mp, and X-ray diffraction) that I will make available for my students. The videos show the synthesis of Co and Mn acacs, the difference between as-prepared and recrystallized compounds, making solutions for UV-Vis and Evans method NMR, and making Evans method capillary tubes. The procedures for the synthesis of these compounds is found in Woolins (either the first or second editions). 

Data as pdfs is provided for IR, UV-Vis, NMR and MS, while several files are provided for the solid state structures (cif files, tables, crystal images, and the checkcif report from IUCR). 

There are several faculty-only files, including a lab manual, some preparative details, and a partial answer key.

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Co Evans.pdf 51.22 KB
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Co UVVis.pdf 1.18 MB
Coacac3 checkcif.pdf 141.07 KB
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Coacac3.cif 228.71 KB
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Cr Evans.pdf 52.08 KB
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Fe Evans.pdf 52.58 KB
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Feacac3 checkcif.pdf 137.53 KB
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Mn Evans.pdf 51.71 KB
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Mnacac3 checkcif.pdf 194.92 KB
Mnacac3_tables.html 94.23 KB
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instructions for weeks 1 and 2 2.1 MB
Learning Goals

Students will interpret all of the provided data to verify the structure. 

Students will learn that not all data provides the same amount of information.

Equipment needs

The cif files can be opened with a variety of programs (CrystalMaker, Mercury, etc.)

Implementation Notes

I will be implementing this in January and February of 2021. I will have the students watch the synthesis videos and come up with balanced chemical reactions for one of Co/Mn and one of Cu/Cr/Fe. The following week, they will work in groups of 2-3 to interpret all the spectroscopic and other data before I give them the X-ray data. I will teach them how to visualize and interpret crystal structure reports.

Time Required
two 3-4 hour lab periods plus time for writeup outside of class
Evaluation Methods

Students will be evaluated on their ability to provide balanced chemical equations from the videos, determine yield, and interpret the data to evaluate identity and purity of the complexes. 

Evaluation Results

will report back soon!

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