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Specific Course Information
Course Area and Number
CHEM 144
Wesleyan University
Middletown, CT USA
(1) Principles of Modern Chemistry (6th or 7th edition), Oxtoby, Gillis, and Campion (2) Principles of Descriptive Inorganic Chemistry, Wulfsberg
Course Meetings and Time
Number of meetings per week
3 meetings / week
Time per meeting (minutes)
50 min / meeting
Number of weeks
12 weeks
Lab Associated
Yes, standalone
Average Class Size
Typical Student Population
This is a second semester general chemistry course taken primarily by freshman and sophomores with significant high school background in chemistry.

This second semester general chemistry course is a continuation of the Principles of Chemistry sequence that is recommended for science students. The focus of the course is the fundamentals of structure and bonding, with an emphasis on predicting reactivity. Major topical coverage includes the reactivity of ions in aqueous solution, kinetics, modern electronic structure, and the chemistry of transition metal complexes, with applications to current research on, for example, food chemistry, functional materials, and artificial photosynthesis.

Grading Scheme
8 Homework Sets (60 points each); 3 In-Class Exams (100 points each); Cumulative Final Exam (150 points); ACS Foundational Inorganic Exam (20 points); Badges (25 points each) [Total 1000 points]
Creative Commons License
Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA