9 Jun 2019

Chem 165 2018


Submitted by Adam R. Johnson, Harvey Mudd College
Learning Objects

This is a collection of LOs that I used to teach a junior-senior seminar course on organometallics during Fall 2018 at Harvey Mudd College. There were a total of 9 students in the course. The Junior student (there was only one this year) was taking 2nd semester organic concurrently and had not takein inorganic (as is typical). The seniors had all taken a semester of inorganic (half of them my course, and half at another institution, but all had a unit on organometallics). This year all the papers I used came from the virtual issue of organometallics linked here. We also used the Stanley textbook hosted here


In this course I do an oral exam. After a semester of reading papers using a reading guide, the final is just a paper from the prior 6-12 months with no reading guide. I intend to turn this paper into an LO and once I do I will link it here.