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Specific Course Information
Course Area and Number
CHEM 3110
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN
Inorganic Chemistry (4th edition) Housecroft and Sharpe
Course Meetings and Time
Number of meetings per week
2 meetings / week
Time per meeting (minutes)
80 min / meeting
Number of weeks
15 weeks
Lab Associated
Average Class Size
25 to 35
Typical Student Population
This course is required for our ACS certified degree and optional for our non-ACS certified degree and chemistry minor. A majority of students are focused on health sciences, either medicine or pharmacy.

This course is designed to give an introduction to the concepts of electronic structure, bonding,

and reactivity in inorganic chemistry. The field is too vast to comprehensively cover every aspect in

a single semester, so this class will offer a qualitative overview of inorganic chemistry. Reading and

understanding scientific literature is an important skill for any scientist to have, whether you move

on to grad school, professional school, or the job market, so relevant literature articles will be

incorporated into the class. Over the course of the semester you will also work to develop your

scientific communication skills through both reading and writing assignments.

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Learning Goals

The objectives for this course are for students to:

• Identify the chemical principles behind facts and trends learned in general chemistry.

• Use this understanding to predict and explain new chemical phenomena.

• Gain an overview of different areas of inorganic chemistry.

• Learn to read and understand primary scientific literature.

• Practice effective scientific communication through both reading and writing.

How the course is taught
Primarily lecture with some small group activities
Grading Scheme
Final grades are based on weighted percentages
Creative Commons License
Attribution, Non-Commercial, Share Alike CC BY-NC-SA