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This Guided Literature Discussion was assigned as a course project and is the result of work originated by students Elina Andreassen and Abigail Palmer. It is based on the article “Synthesis of Rhodium and Iridium Complexes Supported by Bis(indolylphosphino)silyl Pincer Ligation: Competitive N−H and C−H Bond Activation by an Ir(I) Species” by Helia Hollenhorst, Robert McDonald, Michael Ferguson, and Laura Turculet in Organometallics 2021, 40, 2768−2784. It includes a Reading Guide that will direct students to specific sections of the paper that were emphasized in the discussion. This article reports on the syntheses of target LnM(NRx)(H) complexes via salt metathesis, and presents a reactivity study towards obtaining the same complexes through N-H bond cleavage with oxidative addition.

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Learning Goals

After reading and discussing this article, a student should be able to

  • Be familiar with challenges associated with N-H bond activation.
  • Identify the products of N-H bond cleavage via oxidative addition.
  • Identify the products of C-H bond cleavage via oxidative addition.
  • Identify pincer ligands.
  • Apply the CBC electron-counting method to homogeneous catalysts.
Implementation Notes

I am planning on assigning this LO as a graded in-class group discussion. Students will be given a copy of the article, reading guide, and discussion questions one week in advance. On the day of the discussion, students will be assigned in groups of 2-3. They will then have one lecture period to answer the questions in writing as a group.

Time Required
1 lecture period, with materials given one week in advance.
Evaluation Methods

A portion of their grade (20%) is dedicated to literature discussions (4-6 over the course of the semester). The grading rubric involves 3 possible ratings for each question/answer: “excellent”, “acceptable”, or “needs work”. Concepts covered during literature discussions will be included among exam materials.

Evaluation Results


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