19 Jul 2012

Exploring the Nanoworld Innovating through Materials from the University of Wisconsin Madison

Web Resources and Apps

Submitted by Patricia L. Stan, Taylor University

This is a great web resource for all types of nano materials.  There are lesson plans, demos, activites, labs and lots of background information.  It is very easy to navigate and there are videos of the labs so you can see each step - very useful when doing a type of synthesis or technique new to you.

Implementation Notes: 

Students and instructors are able to watch videos and view safety info on a large number of nanomaterials labs and activities.  Truly a variety of skill and equipment levels but very well explained so you know what to expect.

I have used the ferrofluid synthesis proceedure and added some questions and information from the J. Chem. Ed. article listed on the site.  It works very well but pay attention to the notes they include - the iron II chloride needs to be fresh so buy small bottles.

Time Required: 
5 minutes if you know what you want, hours to read it all.
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