Submitted by Barbara Reisner / James Madison University on Wed, 06/10/2015 - 10:49
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In the 2013 Inorganic Curriculum Survey, respondents were asked about the resources they used when they teach inorganic chemistry. About 20% of respondents selected "other" and provided information about these resources. A number of people mentioned specific websites. This collection consists of the websites submitted in the survey.

There are many other incredible web resources out there. I encourage you to search VIPEr to see if someone has posted your favorite resource(s). You can find all of the posted web resources under "Content / Web Resources and Apps." If you don't see your favorite resource on VIPEr, please contribute it as a new Web resource and make a note of it on the forum devoted to resources people use to teach inorganic chemistry.

There is also a forum devoted to resources to teach inorganic chemistry. This collects the "other" things (many nonspecific) that people use for teaching inorganic chemistry. Consider posting more specific resources in this forum (and as a web resource if appropriate).